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CHINA: más de 16.000.000 de matrimonios ficticios

Se calclua que en China existen 16.000.000 de matrimonios que simulan normalidad  y que se casaraon porque la novia era soltera y el hombre gay,y noquerian sentirse disriminadas/os pro eso
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My life as 'tongqi'

Neither women nor gays who remain unmarried are well regarded in China. Thus, millions of them are fictional marriages

Wedding in Shenzen, in Guangdong province, China. / GETTY

Xiao Qiong married three years ago with the love of his life, but never slept with him. They have not even kissed. Her husband is gay and she knew from the beginning. But traditional to the core as it is, educated to excel in school, becoming a devoted wife and keep his voice at home ever believed that being gay was a fad and that it would pass. (...) Is defined as a slang term tongqi-formed from tongzhi (literally comrade, but also used to identify a gay man), and Qizi (wife) - but never utters the word in public. It is not an offensive term, but finds it humiliating that people know that nothing in life mattered as much as married. Since childhood I dreamed of her wedding day and had planned the ceremony to detail: the sea would not with the typical red Qipao or traditional wedding dress, but with a white tail dress like princesses and "models Vogue ". It descalzaría and dance on the sand with her husband while in the background the sun set. That was his plan. Since childhood had been used to fund one day be the girl on the beach barefoot, with the veil in the wind. In the end everything went backwards.

It is difficult to determine exactly how many there are in China tongqi. It is believed that about 16 million women are married to gay, but could be many more. Many homosexuals lead a double life because the cost of coming out is too high. The tolerance was practiced in ancient conservatism contrasts with the last half century.

During the Song dynasty, Ming and Qing dynasties, as in ancient Greece, the love between men was common, but always was of metaphors and ambiguity. Some poems also speak of intimate relationships between women who later separated to marry. The first homophobic law took effect in 1740, during the Qing Dynasty, but gays were not pursued systematically until 1949, with the birth of the Republic. For Maoism, gays were counterrevolutionaries, had embraced a capitalist perversion and therefore had to be eliminated. In the best cases, forced to marry a woman and have children. At worst, the be castrated, tortured or condemned to hard labor for decades. Parks, public toilets and saunas became places of clandestine meetings between men.

Being gay crime remained until 1997 and only after four years after described as a mental illness. Today homosexuals are unable to donate blood because they are considered a dangerous group. Some bar associations, and support any gay magazine, but it's a very limited circuit. For Chinese society, deeply Confucian, marry and procreate is fundamental. In rural areas, homosexuals who refuse to marry to save face exposed to an ordeal. The sexologist I Xiaopei, the Pink Space gay community, told me that he knew how he dismayed to help a farmer in Sichuan 35 years, two thousand miles southwest of Beijing. The man lived in a remote village and took days calling: their neighbors had heard that he was gay and had not left his home for several months for fear of being lynched.

"When I saw that even the wedding night passed me, I realized that I had not won anything marrying"

Sincerity is very complicated. Very few people venture to tell at home. When Lunar New Year approaches, the date on which families gather together, the pressure begins to increase for singles in general, but especially for homosexuals. They are aware that at some point of a family dinner they will be asked why do they not have a partner and what they expect to find. In recent years, many gays and lesbians are contacted via special Internet forums and covenant engagements false. They go home first one and then the other to calm respective families, then again each to his home, and to live as friends. After a few weeks announce they have broken or are married and living apart, but kept up appearances on holy days. (...)

Xu Bing marry meant to her a mixture of many things: being useful to help a friend in trouble, leave the family nest, stop being such a loser and have someone social rented finally a rowboat in the Park. But above all, represented a historic victory after so long, a happy ending to your romantic novel in particular.

The first disagreement arose when they began to organize the wedding. Xiao Qiong not just take his mind off the beach, the veil, the guests laughing and indirect lighting. Xu Bing wanted to sign a paper. He had met a girl he liked and what he wanted was to give him for his freedom. (...)

It was a winter morning. After signing the marriage certificate, ate in a hotel, no more pomp than any birthday. Her parents and his parents, or a guest. The groom performed the ritual of serving tea to her in-laws. While filling the glasses, said: "Father, rest assured. I'll take care of Xiao Qiong ". The bride's stomach turned but said nothing.

After dinner, accompanied the major to their cars. When the saw away, Xiao Qiong and Xu Bing also said goodbye. She went to her apartment and spent their wedding night watching TV and eating peanuts. He went to the apartment of her boyfriend, which was installed from day one.

A Xiao Qiong likes who are left to wander. When you start to walk not: it can take hours before you decide to sit. He says that just relaxing and sleeping suits him. It takes months taking herbal tea and roots your doctor prepares for sleep. (...) "I think I'm worried since the wedding," he says. "I had no ring or honeymoon, or party in a position and I feel frustrated. When I saw that even the wedding night passed me, I realized I had not won anything marrying, but it was like a coiled I did not know how to get out. "

Book Speak Chinese (Aguilar), Ana Fuentes, BE excorresponsal chain in Beijing, published on September 19.

Se calclua que en China existen 16.000.000 de matrimonios que simulan normalidad  y que se casaraon porque la novia era soltera y el hombre gay,y noquerian sentirse disriminadas/os pro eso
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