domingo, octubre 21, 2012

LONDRES: mas de 100.000 en la amrc ha contra e gobierno

Thousands march in trade unions' anti-cuts demonstration

Ed Miliband joins rally to attack government policies and promises to end privatisation of the NHS if Labour are elected
Trade unions' anti-cuts march
Thousands marched in London, Belfast and Glasgow to protest against public sector cuts being made by the government. Photograph: Rob Pinney/Demotix/Corbis
Nurses, firefighters, teachers and prison officers joined an estimated 100,000 protesters on Saturday in huge demonstrations against the government, loudly cheering calls for a 24-hour general strike.
Union officials and politicians, including Labour leader Ed Miliband, bitterly attacked the coalition's spending cuts, accusing ministers of being more interested in supporting millionaires than ordinary workers.
The events in London, Glasgow and Belfast passed peacefully, although some disabled activists staged a sit-in and cut off traffic close to Hyde Park in London.


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