domingo, octubre 28, 2012


Hi friends,

For those of you who may be interested. I am participating with some of my poems in the DiverCITY Festival organized by the students of City College.

I find it beautiful and inspiraing that the students request poetry from us all, and feel  that in these "dark-age-governed" times poetry is indeed a very necessary and awakening thing to hear and feed ourselves with. We need poetical times and spaces to rid ourselves from the constant  political, mental and emotional pollution we are being subejct to, and come back to ourselves and our clear thinking....llike poet Blas do Otero used to say: "la poesía es un arma cargada de futuro"...

I will be reading on Thursday Nov. 1st at 12, 30. Please find attached the time table for the different dates and times for all the poets participating.



The DiverCITY Festival is coming up next week. It is from Tuesday  
The event will be held at the Amphitheater Plaza near the Wellness center at City College Ocean Campus, 50 Phelan Ave. Conlan Hall E106, San Francisco, CA 94112

We are glad to have you part of this festival and want to thank you in advance for participating and making it a successful event.
I have attached documents to the email, Please check the time for you performance.

We are looking forward to make history at our first DiverCITY Festival.
Thank You

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San Francisco, CA 94112
Office Phone: (415) 239-3211
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