lunes, diciembre 23, 2013


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Dear Dr. Marta R.

2013 has seen some amazing achievements for our partners, all made possible thanks to supporters like you. Thank you!
Children in Sierra Leone
Five Achievements from 2013

Our partners have made some wonderful achievements this year. They've changed community attitudes towards violence, set up new projects and much more. 
And there's some exciting news for the New Year...
Angela Rippon
Angela Rippon to Present Our BBC Lifeline Appeal

Broadcast journalist Angela Rippon will go to Sierra Leone in January to visit our partners and the women they work with. The Appeal will be aired on Sunday16th February 2013 on BBC1 at 4pm

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Year in Review

Grace and son
Our annual report is online. Read how our partners are ending violence against women, giving women a voice and building support for women's rights. 

What Can You Do?

Women human rights defender in Afghanistan
In Afghanistan speaking out against violence can be deadly. Send a message of support to Women Human Rights Defenders and show them we care. 


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