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Sacado del muro de FB de mi colegade Grupo de Trabajo del CEISAL, Teresa Díaz Canals, Cuba


Y un documental de Virginie Linhart producido por Zadig Productions en colaboración con Sofiber y la participación de France 5 en donde se conmemora la publicación del "Segundo sexo" y se valora la figura de Simone de Beauvoir.



At 11:30 p.m., Blogger Marta Raquel Zabaleta said...

Dear Marta, I really feel sorry that Simone de Beauvoir refused it all after Sartre died. She said that he "made her" to accept the situation they were in and that she did not want it at all. In my opinion her attitude is equivalent to that of thousands of women who for ages have been faking orgasms...

Escribio Lilia Pegado en su muro de FB.

Y esta fue mi respuesta:

Interesting. Where did you read that, dear Lilia? I did correspond with S de B for a while discussing with her aspects of her work and life with what I did desagree. That was after I lost my mother at the age of 22, in 1960. Her and her books of essays were and still are, a source of inspirations for me. When I was in a concentration camp in Pinochet's Chile,in 1973, I was reassured by the fact that if she would has known about us, she would had done something to help us to avoid been shot dead there. I was never particularly interested in her sexual relationship with Sartre, nor with the other many males and females of her life, perhaps for not having been born a burguesa, greatly talented nor a bisexual woman myself, so that I could have never identified with her but in my dreams,
perhaps. None of my own relations resemble hers, as I have always been a very independent woman myself. Moreover, I am just finishing a chapter of a book tonight, where I discuss the 'dilemma' of having being a revolutionary militant and a mother, none of what she ever was. But I still have great respect for her way of logically thinking. So in my view, what you said just add a drop to the weaker side of hers, one of the many mistakes who made of her a very fascinating person. Thank you for you comment and your thought. Have a good sleep tonight! Love, Marta.


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