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Percy Bysshe Shelley’s
“The Mask of Anarchy”


Sabarmati Ashram Preservation and Memorial Trust
Darpana Academy of Performing Arts
Percy Bysshe Shelley’s
“The Mask of Anarchy”

Angelina Llongueras

30th January, 2016
at 6.00pm
Mangan Niwas, Sabarmati Ashram
Ahmedabad  380 027

The Mask of Anarchy

The Mask of Anarchy  by Percy Bysshe Shelley is considered one of the best political poems ever written in English language. Written on the occasion of the massacre carried out by the British Government at St Peter's Field, Manchester 1819,  Shelley elaborates on the psychological consequences of violence met with pacifism.

A version was taken up by Henry David Thoreau in his essay Civil Disobedience, and later by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in his doctrine of Satyagraha. Gandhi's passive resistance was influenced and inspired by Shelley's nonviolence in protest and political action. It is known that Gandhi would often quote Shelley's Masque of Anarchy to vast audiences during the campaign for the independence of India.

Actress and the director
Angelina Llongueras, PhD,  -  is an actress, playwright,director, professor and researcher born in Barcelona and relocated to Chicago. Her one womans show “Phoolan is Everyone” participated in the  Bogotá and Cali Women’s Theatre Festival in 2010, and in 2012 in the International Women Playwright’s conference in Stockholm besides many other spaces in Europe, the US and the Americas.

Jiwon Chung
Jiwon Chung is the artistic director of Kairos Theater Ensemble and adjunct professor at the Starr King School at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, where he teaches Theater and Social Justice. The focus of his work is in the application of theater as a tool for social and political change, using TO to challenge, resist and transform systemic oppression and structural violence, and to redress large scale historical atrocity and global injustice.

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