lunes, febrero 15, 2016

Un billet à propos des événements de Cologne (Rv: a post about Cologne events)

Hello everyone,

I recently posted on my blog on Mediapart, this post about Cologne events ...

The effects of the "Night of December 31" Cologne continued to swell, producing very disturbing reactions. This text focuses on speech and fantasies aroused by these events (replica of Tahir, "invasion", "sexual threats" and restriction of freedom of movement for women "Western"). A double absence wonders: that of racialized women and Aboriginal men.

Sincerely, and excuse any duplicates: Jules

Jules Falquet
HDR Senior Lecturer
CEDREF (Center for Education, Documentation and Research for Feminist Studies) - LCSP (Laboratory of Social Change and Politics)

Head of specialty Master (Research) Gender and social and political change: Transnational Perspectives
Social Sciences Faculty, University Paris Diderot
Website of Cahiers du CEDREF:

Juliet belonga to my international networks since we first met online. From then on, her opinion are always listened and much respected by me.

Marta Zabaleta


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