lunes, agosto 29, 2016

BRASIL August 29, is the National Day of Lesbian Visibility

Dear and esteemed,
Today is August 29, is the National Day of Lesbian Visibility. The date refers to the 1st National Lesbian Seminar, mobilized by lesbian activists in 1996.
The date is important because it gives visibility to the specific guidelines of lesbian women, who are often erased in LGBT movements that replicate the logic of the silencing of women by men.
In this day when lesbian women from all over Brazil cry for respect and celebrate the strength, the SPM is present and reaffirms its commitment: xô lesbophobia, xô violence!
To learn more about the importance of the date and its significance, we also share the Video Channel Louie Point "Special Day of Lesbian Visibility".
Canal Point Louie "Special Day of Lesbian Visibility"
Click on the picture to watch:


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