viernes, abril 07, 2017


Dear Marta,
I'm working my way through my address book and shamelessly e-mailing all my friends who have Latin America connections to ask you, if at all possible, to support LAB's wonderful Voices of Latin America project, by mentioning it on your blog and with friends, family and colleagues. The details are below and on the Crowdfunder website.

Un gran abrazo,

Mike xxx

Donate to the Voices of Latin America project at:

The project
Voices of Latin America will be a book based on over 60 interviews with activists in 13 countries. It is from these people that progressive change is coming to the region: they can inspire us all. Voices will also be an ongoing website that will collect new testimony, video and images, and enable sharing of experience and discussion with others .

Who we are
LAB is a publisher with over 40 years of experience covering Latin America’s struggles for social justice. We have published more than 150 books. Read about us at:

Why we are crowdfunding
We are a registered charity, run entirely by volunteers. We are half-way through the project, but we need to raise a further £16,000 to complete it.
Help us spread the word
Reach others to donate and spread the word further. Click the link below and tell us how we can  reach others to donate and spread the word further:

With your help, Voices of Latin America will be published by LAB and Practical Action Publishing in March 2018


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