miércoles, agosto 02, 2017

Queer as ART

Queer as Art

This glance back at queer influence in British culture is a great watch, alive with insights and observations, with everyone from Sandi Toksvig to David Hockney to Richard Coles giving their take on the landmarks and tensions of the past 50 years.

Bear in mind that, despite the title, it is mainly about pop culture, touching on David Bowie and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Larry Grayson and Queer as Folk. In the music sphere, Simon Napier-Bell argues that gay culture “is as influential in British pop music as black culture has been to American pop music” (Discuss).

Then in a lovely unguarded moment Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw suggests (very plausibly) that, compared to the heyday of gay influence in the 1970s and 80s, pop culture is now generally blander or, as he puts it, “Everything has sort of been middle-of-the-roaded.” Then he adds anxiously “Oh s***, I can’t say that. I’ll be fired.”


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