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Latin American women filmmakers : production, politics, poetics

Latin American women filmmakers : production, politics, poetics

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Latin American women filmmakers : production, politics, poetics
Deborah Martin ; Deborah Shaw (ed.). Latin American women filmmakers : production, politics, poetics. London: I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd, Series : Tauris world cinema series. 2017, 304 p. ISBN 978-1-78453-711-1
Cine, Fotografía | Cultura | Economía, Empresas, Industria | Mujer y Estudios de Género / América del Sur | América Latina / Argentina | Brasil | Chile | México | Perú / Época contemporánea | Siglo XX | Siglo XXI /

This book will allow scholars and students of Latin American cinema and culture, as well as industry professionals, a deeper understanding of the emergence and impact of the filmmakers and their work, which has particular relevance for contemporary debates on feminism.
Latin American women filmmakers have achieved unprecedented international prominence in recent years. Notably political in their approach, figures such as Lucrecia Martel, Claudia Llosa and Bertha Navarro have created innovative and often challenging films, enjoying global acclaim from critics and festival audiences alike. They undeniably mark a 'moment' for Latin American cinema.Bringing together distinguished scholars in the field - and prefaced by B. Ruby Rich - this is a much-needed account and analysis of the rise of female-led film in Latin America. Chapters detail the collaboration that characterises Latin American women's filmmaking - in many ways distinct from the largely 'Third Cinema' auteurism from the region - as well as the transnational production contexts, unique aesthetics and socio-political landscape of the key industry figures. Through close attention to the particular features of national film cultures, from women's documentary filmmaking in Chile to comedic critique in Brazil, and from US Latina screen culture to the burgeoning popularity of Peruvian film, this timely study demonstrates the remarkable possibilities for film in the region.


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