miércoles, abril 05, 2017


We are writing to let you know that the Argentina Solidarity Campaign has pulled off an enormous coup! On the eve of tomorrow’s General Strike against the Macri government, we have released this solidarity video. We want you to be the FIRST to see it!

In an unprecedented act of unity, leading trade unionists from the United Kingdom and Argentina have come together to produce a solidarity video with the workers in Argentina who are participating in the general strike on the 6th April 2017 to protest against austerity, wage suppression, redundancies and the attacks on workers due to the government’s neoliberal economic policy. Organised by the Argentina Solidarity Campaign (ASC), the video can be seen in full here:

It features clips from Francisco "Barba" Gutiérrez (Interior Secretary of the CGT), Edgardo Llano (Administrative Secretary of the CTA de los Trabajadores) and Pablo Micheli (General Secretary of the CTA Autónoma). In the UK, trade union leaders representing 6 million workers featured including Owen Tudor (Head of International Relations, Trade Union Congress), Manuel Cortes (General Secretary, Transport and Salaried Staffs Association) and Bert Schouwenberg (International Officer, GMB Union).

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For more information and the full press release in English and Spanish see:

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Dan (Secretary, Argentina Solidarity Campaign on behalf of all the team)


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