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UK,:CARA 80 th BIRTHDAYcommemoration

Dear Dr Zabaleta,
We are delighted to invite you to a talk entitled, ‘Beveridge and the Uprising of British Universities against Hitler’ as part of the commemoration of CARA’s 80th anniversary – founded by Beveridge - also former director of the LSE and renowned social reformer. The talk will examine the work Beveridge did to rescue persecuted scholars from Hitler’s Nazi Europe, on behalf of British universities, and how he led the way for a more activist stance, campaigning against worsening persecution.
The fight against violations of academic freedom and learning unfortunately has need to continue today and underpins, and informs CARA’s work, now operating in a global context. Maintaining ‘a defence of free learning’ is also a core value in keeping with the LSE Scholars at Risk, a school-wide initiative co-ordinated by the Centre for the Study of Human Rights.
“Tyranny still rules a large part of our world, and freedom of learning needs defence as much as ever” – Lord Beveridge
Professor David Zimmerman is a distinguished expert on warfare and military history and joins us from the University of Victoria, Canada, where he has been a member of faculty for thirty five years. He has published a number of books as well as scholarly articles and chapters on warfare.
The event is a timely introduction to the upcoming launch of the second edition of ‘The Refuge and the Fortress’ in June 2013 at the House of Lords.
Date: Wednesday 20th March 2013, 19:30 – 20:30
Venue: Alumni Theatre, New Academic Building, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, LSE

As one of CARA Grantees(1979-1982) for undertaken my doctorate studies at Sussex University, I celebrate the continuation of its work with great entusiasm and gratitude

Marta Zabaleta D.Phil

Debido tal vez a que yo fui la primera científica becada por la ex-CARA ( llamada originalemnte Society for the Protection of the Arts and Science Ltd), Society  que fuera creada a sugerencia, entre otro/as personas, de A. Einstein, yo fui incluida en la versión original de este libro, y me dedicaron en mismo,  además, el mayor número de páginas individualess, con las que represento a científicos /as refugiadas/os aqui provenientes de América Latina ( en mi caso , Argentina y Chile),  apoyados por CARA. Hasta incluyeron en el libro un poema mio, traducido al inglés por Piotr Kozak.


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