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Poets of the New World: Literary and Cultural Transmission in Early Modern Spanish America

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Congreso o simposio | Europa - Clare College, Cambridge
November 19-20, 2015
Poets of the New World: Literary and Cultural Transmission in Early Modern Spanish America
This symposium brings together scholars from across Europe and the Americas to address a phenomenon which opens new and varied vistas on Hispanic colonial culture. Early modern Spanish American poetry (c. 1500-1700) opens new and varied vistas on Hispanic colonial culture. Whether as material object or performance, a product of the urban space or the peripheries, prayer or protest, the creation of art forms in verse was intimately connected with the emergence of American identities. While manifold networks of interchange connected the European metropolis to the burgeoning colonies, cross-regional exchanges were also fruitful.

9.00am // Registration and Welcome

9.30-11.00 Session I: Satire and Burlesque Poetry in New Spain
Andrew Laird (University of Warwick/Brown University)
'Radical Visions of Post-Conquest Mexico: Humanism and Experience in the Poetry of Fray Cristóbal Cabrera'
Raquel Barragán Aroche (Universidad Autónoma de México)
‘Laughter between Spain and New Spain: The Burlesque Poetry of Agustín de Salazar y Torres’

11.30-12.40 The Norman MacColl Lecture 2015
Rolena Adorno (Yale University)
‘Poetry’s Place in Civic Spectacle: the Aztec Lords and Christian Princes of New Spain’

14.40-16.10 Session II: The Politics of Religious Poetry
Arantza Mayo (Royal Holloway, University of London)
‘“Government is a Hidden Cross”: Diego de Hojeda's Epic and the Reformulation of Colonial Rule’
Alice Brooke (University of Oxford)
‘“La soberana doctora de las escuelas divinas”: Sor Juana's Mariology in her villancicos on the Feast of the Assumption’

16.40-18.10 Session III: Poetry, Music and Balladry
Miguel Martínez (University of Chicago)
‘The Other Poets of the New World: Popular Balladry in Colonial America’
Lorena Uribe Bracho (City University of New York)
‘“Cítaras de cristal de Aganipe”: Imagery of Music in Viceregal Poetry’

THURSDAY, 19th November

9.30-11.00 Session I: Epic, Exploration and Desire
Luis Fernando Restrepo (University of Arkansas)
‘Leviathan and Behemoth in the Caribbean: Land and Sea in Juan de Castellanos’s Discurso del Capitán Francisco Draque’
Imogen Choi (University of Cambridge)
‘Os Lusíadas and Armas antárticas: Eros, Eris and the Art of Imitation in Colonial Epic’

11.30-12.40 Keynote speaker: Raquel Chang-Rodríguez (City University of New York)
‘Luis Jerónimo de Oré (1554-1630): Poetry and Proselytism in the Andes’

14.40-16.10 Session II: Borderlands and New Frontiers
Paul Firbas (Stony Brook University)
‘Borderlands in Colonial Spanish-American Epic Imagination’
Rodrigo Cacho (University of Cambridge)
'Unexplored Frontiers: Bernardo de la Vega and the Lost Poets of the New World'

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