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LONDRES:Revolucion y arte


Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932

We're delighted to announce our major spring exhibition, opening at the Royal Academy in February 2017. Marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution, it will chart the formative years of Soviet Russia through its diverse and brilliantly original art.

Beginning with the year of the Revolution, we will examine an era of unprecedented artistic innovation, optimism and imagination – one which came to an abrupt and brutal end in 1932 with Stalin’s suppression of the avant-garde.

From pioneers of abstraction such as Kandinsky and Malevich to the highly individual work of Chagall and the less familiar Petrov-Vodkin, this survey is the first to encompass the entire artistic landscape of post-revolutionary Russia.

Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932 will bring together painting, photography, sculpture, film-making and graphic design, as well as everyday objects designed for a brave new world of industry and progress. From utopian dreams to harsh reality, these works vividly tell the fascinating and often tragic story of their age.


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