viernes, marzo 16, 2018

Standing Shoulder-to-Shoulder with Indigenous Women at Risk in Ecuador

"We are marching for our lives! Our sisters are being threatened, our rights are being trampled, and our territories are being destroyed. We are here as women to defend the Amazon against extraction. Enough is Enough!"
On International Women's Day, hundreds of Indigenous Women Defenders of the Amazon and their allies marched on the streets of the Amazonian city of Puyo to demand respect for their lives, rights, and rainforests. It was an honor to march and sing with them in solidarity.
The women decided to march following an attack against Patricia Gualinga, a Kichwa indigenous leader from Sarayaku, who was threatened with death if she continues to stand against oil extraction in the Amazon. Then, just before the march, the Ecuadorian government unexpectedly announced a new oil round on indigenous territories, sparking indignation from the women.
In the face of these threats to themselves and their territories, the women decided they had to meet, march, and take their demands directly to President Moreno.
The women insist on a meeting with the president and have pledged to stay in Quito until they can do so. Having spent the last week with them, I know that they mean what they say. They are firm in their resolve, but they need strong support from local and international allies.
You can support these courageous women! Help us ramp up international pressure so President Moreno agrees to meet with them and agree to their demands.


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