viernes, septiembre 02, 2016

LONDON: Disappearances in Mexico Two Years After Ayotzinapa:

Panel discussion: Disappearances in Mexico Two Years After Ayotzinapa
On the night of the 26th of September, students from the Rural Teaching College of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero in Mexico were attacked by the police. 43 of them were forcibly disappeared, 3 of them were killed along with 3 bystanders, and dozens more were wounded. This case brought by a wave of national and international condemnation while shedding light on a broader crisis on human rights in general and enforced disappearances in particular.

Two years after the attack, and as part of a series of events taking place in London to commemorate that date, this discussion panel will analyse a broad range of issues from different perspectives in order to understand the impacts of the Ayotzinapa case and the current human rights situation in Mexico.

Dr. Benjamin Smith (Warwick) chairs this panel, with the participation of the following speakers:
Mrs Leticia Hidalgo (FUNDENL - United Forces for our Disappeared in Nuevo León) will share her experience in the search of his son Roy Rivera Hidalgo, who disappeared in January 2011.
Leticia Hidalgo along with fellow members of FUNDENL have set an example of citizen led search and lobbying with the government in order to end disappearances at the local and national level.
Dr. Thomas Rath (UCL History) will analyse the role and the implications of the Army in the Ayotzinapa case. Ed Vulliamy (The Guardian, The Observer) will talk on his experience reporting on human rights issues in Mexico.
London Mexico Solidarity will give an update on the Ayotzinapa case.

UCL Institute of the Americas, 51 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PN
Miércoles 21 de septiembre de 2016  

Attendandance to this event is free of charge but registration is required. IMPORTANT NOTE on access to 51 Gordon Square: in order to secure the smooth delivery of the lectures or presentations, and for ease of logistics, access may be restricted after the start of the event. We will endeavour to accommodate late arrivals within our possibilities, but an early arrival is recommended to avoid disappointment.


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